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Nationbuild -The Book!
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Australia is universally regarded as a 'great country'. Few people, however, describe Australia as a 'great nation'. Why is this, and what is it that makes a nation 'great'?

There are many elements which distinguish greatness from the ordinary. However, one of the key measures of greatness is a nation's ability to influence and shape world events. Great nations are able to provide much needed leadership, guidance and very importantly, practical assistance in times of need. To be able to do this, a country must be strong both socially and economically and its citizens must feel confident in who they are and what they possess.

To be strong socially, a nation must have strong public institutions---parliaments, courts, universities, churches, the media. To be strong economically, a nation must be able to develop its natural resources and provide its citizens with vital infrastructure and services. This is nation building.

Australia has the potential to become one of the world's great nations.

This is our challenge.

Bob Day

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